What is Contingency Recruitment?

Jan 19, 2023 | For Employers

Recruiting and hiring top talent from a limited pool of orthopedic providers means your recruitment strategy must be unsurpassed. myOrthoRecruiter is a contingency-based recruitment firm dedicated to orthopedics that can help you transform your recruitment strategy and stay ahead of the competition!

What Is Contingency Recruitment?

In short, contingency recruitment requires no payment up-front. Let’s say you are looking to hire an experienced orthopedic provider. 

A contingency recruitment firm advertises, screens and works to fill your open position. Payment is only made for these services once a recommended candidate is placed with your practice. 

Contingency recruiters typically work on a project-by-project basis—so no long-term contracts are necessary. 

Benefits of Partnering With a Contingency Recruitment Firm

Requiring no upfront fees or long-term contracts are two of contingency recruitment’s main benefits. Here are a few others…

  • Broader options. Often, contingency recruiters are independent agents meaning they use external databases and resources to find the best match. (We have our very own!) 
  • No risk refunds. These firms typically offer warranty periods to ensure the chosen candidate works out for your practice in the long run. (Your success is our success, so we offer a replacement guarantee if a candidate doesn’t work out.)
  • Focused on your specialty. Contingency recruiters excel when they focus on specific industries, like orthopedics. (We understand your search like general recruiters can’t.)
  • Saves time and money. Expert recruiters can save you time, energy and frustration by presenting only qualified candidates for your review. (Our extensive candidate screening process filters candidates that simply aren’t the right fit for your practice.) 
  • Dedicated support. Contingency recruiters do more than simply provide candidates. They can offer valuable feedback on competitive compensation, interviewing and help your practice create a highly sought-out place of employment. (We have built exceptional relationships with clients nationwide through a no-nonsense, respectful yet personal approach to client relations.)

At myOrthoRecruiter, we believe your decision to partner with us should be a no-risk, no-brainer decision. Our services are contingency-based so that you can confidently partner with reputable consultants knowledgeable in talent acquisition and orthopedics.

Contact us today if you’re ready to level up your orthopedics recruitment strategy! 

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